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Do you have thin sparse eyebrows?

Lack of eyebrow hair is a very common problem so you're not alone – whether from over-plucking, medical conditions, injury or the simply the ageing process.​

Eyebrows are an extremely important feature of your face, which many people hugely underestimate. They frame your face and draw attention to your eyes.​ They allow us to be expressive and youthful. Through age, hormone issues, natural or illness related hairloss- the eyebrows can be lost and for many of us we spend hundreds of pounds every year trying to find the right solution for them.

Permanent make-up and Microblading could be your solution as it allows you to have perfectly shaped eyebrows. Whether using the digital tattooing machine or Microblading technique, you can choose from a soft powdered looking eyebrow; an ombre eyebrows; a fluffy eyebrow,  a natural hairstroke looking eyebrow; or a stronger looking, powerful eyebrow.

​Brows by Jody are completely bespoke to you. The colour, hairstroke, shape and technique will be decided together with Jody during your consultation, based on both your personal preferences and Jody's wealth of experience.


Let Jody show you how she can help you regain your confidence....




Jody Knight Perfection in Beauty is your one-stop destination for permanent makeup services.


Jody is passionate about enhancing your natural beauty, and her treatments are tailored to fit your individual needs. She uses only the finest products and follows the latest techniques to ensure that every client leaves feeling confident and gorgeous.


Treatments are £450, and include a complimentary post-treatment colour refresh after 6 weeks.


With our easy payment plans, there’s no reason not to start your journey to perfection today!

"My secret to so many happy clients over this past decade is; we decide on which tool I use depending on you the client; what type of skin you have, what type of look your'e after and then together we design your eyebrows".

Take a look at my FAQ PAGE and a blog post I have written on the difference between Microblading and Tattooing to learn more about the service I provide. The blog also talks about maintaining your eyebrows, colour fade and colour change including the option of the latest Henna Signature Brow treatment.

Join the many clients who have already improved their confidence from having professionally applied make-up morning, noon and night. Contact me for a chat and to discuss any questions you may have


Jody x



Permanent Eyeliner £325 - £450 including a complimentary colour refresh after 6 weeks. (To maintain your Jody Knight eyeliner treatments we advise a colour boost after 12-18 months, priced from £165- £215).

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul. Show off your gorgeous eyes with an eyeliner treatment.​

Our most popular treatment with prices starting at £325 is a top lash enhancement, where we tattoo a hint of colour all the way through the lashes, just like you’ve had an eyelash tint. You can also have a colour applied throughout your bottom lashes to enhance your eye colour (£375 for top and bottom)

The major benefit of permanent eyeliner is that it never smears or rubs off the skin even through watery eyes, perspiration, sleep or the weather.

You can benefit from permanent make-up with larger looking eyes. Choose from a soft pencilled eyeliner look through to a Latino flick eyeliner or something a little more daring like a butterfly eyeliner (prices from £450 for top and bottom).


The choice is yours and there are so many colour options from bright purples to soft subtle olives and natural blacks.

Join the many clients who have already improved their confidence from having professionally applied make-up morning, noon and night. Contact me or any of my salons today!


Jody x



Including a complimentary colour refresh after 6 weeks

(To maintain your Jody Knight bespoke lips we advise a colour boost after 12-18 months, priced from £215.

You can also have amazing fuller looking lips by recreating symmetry, adding a hint of colour to give a lip gloss affect through to having a full lip colour of your choice.

Lip liner eliminates lipstick smearing and is loved by

lipstick and lip gloss wearers because they can still apply their lip cosmetics as desired, but they have a perfect lip liner to work to making sure their lips are perfect every


Clients often have concerns with their lip contour thinning over time. Permanent make-up helps recreate a full looking cupid’s bow, putting back the colour that has faded over the years.

'I personally love having a haze of colour on my lips. It makes me feel fresh and brightens my face!' Jody Knight x



Nipple and Areola tattooing £395.

Cleft Lip Reconstruction £450.

Scalp tattooing £150 (one session).

Whether you are coping with alopecia, cancer, surgical scarring, vitiligo or any other condition that has had an impact on your appearance, medical tattooing can change the way you feel.

Jody can tattoo brows and lashes lost through alopecia, chemotherapy or other medical conditions. With medical tattooing, Jody can also help replicate the appearance of realistic-looking nipples and areolae for ladies who may have had a mastectomy.

Jody also carries out medical treatments for hair follicle

simulation/scalp tattooing. This procedure uses an optical illusion technique to try and hide any bald spots.

Call Jody for a friendly and confidential chat if you would like more information on how this fantastic treatment can help change your life.

Phone: 07540 723 071


“Chemo robs you of many things, but thanks to Jody and her perfect brows, it wont take my self-esteem. Hair loss is very traumatising but with permanent make up, I can look normal and not be a cancer victim. Thank you Jody, I love them!”

Barbara from Lincoln

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