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How To Tame Those Crazy Brows

Hello lovelies

I really hope you're all safe and well x

It's obviously been a while since anyone has been to a beauty salon so I thought I would share some hints and tips on taming those crazy brows and some darkening products you can use xxxx

Watch watch the Tweezing Video below for tips on how to tweeze....

For those clients missing having their brows tinted or henna or your over due your permanent makeup appointment have a look at HD Brows website for some brow colour fixes, brow pencils and brwo creams.For

Trimming brows...

Please don't just lift your hairs and cut straight across. This will leave a blunt sharp look. Instead slowly chip away your hair on a slight angle bit by bit xx

For those clients missing having their brows tinted and Henna you can use brow colour fixes to darken them or brow pencils and creams. Please feel free to visit HD Brows website to purchase products.

Any purchase you make from the HD website really does help out salon and we receive a small amount of commission for each product you buy.

All you have to do is put our stylise code in when you check out


Click here to visit HD Brows website.....

Lots of Love

Jody & Team XX


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