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Are You Ready For a Sizzling Summer?

Where has this year gone.......

It's been a while since I did a blog and said hello, so I wanted to catch up with you, my lovely clients and give you a few little tips and tricks to keep your permanent makeup looking good over the summer.

I've seen lots of you have managed to get away on holidays, pictures of you sunbathing, hot tub selfies and have been planning your holidays so I wanted to do a little checklist for protecting your permanent makeup in the sun.

  • Please DO NOT sunbathe without any form of suncream on your eyebrows or lips (eyes tend to be covered in glasses). The UV rays really do break down the permanent makeup particles, which can result in lightening of the colour a lot quicker. So protect those beautiful lips and perfectly groomed brows otherwise you'll be coming to see me for a colour boost a lot quicker than you want lol xx

  • Chlorine is also bad for permanent makeup as well as your skin and hair. I have 2 tips for swimming pools. If swimming in a normal swimming pool here at home (ie not abroad in the sunshine) please apply some form of barrier; for example vaseline or if you have any healing balm left. This helps provide a water-tight barrier and prevents lightening and colour change. If abroad, you need to apply SPF cream before going in the water, rinse off in a shower after getting out and re-apply SPF cream.

  • Hot Tubs and Spa days; same apply a barrier to your treatment eg; vaseline or any un used healing balm.

  • Coldsores: Lips in the sun, makesure you have some form of blistex or coldsore cream in your bag as the sun can activate the dormant virus. The cream also can brighten up your lips making them nice a freshened up too.

  • Eyebrow's growing a little wild? Don't forget you can book a little eyebrow tidy to ensure they are summer ready (wax/thread and henna/tint).

  • Remember to stay out of the sun for a day or two after any waxing or threading.

  • Don't use glycolic/AHA's and acid peels close to your permanent makeup. I personally stop using any of these types of products during the summer months, as using some of them can increase the risk of hyperpigmentation (skin darkening patches/sun damage).

Hope these little tips help and have an amazing summer. Message me if you've got any questions.

With Love

Jody xx

If you're not quite ready for your permanent makeup topping up don't forget we offer eyebrow tidies where we can tint/henna your eyebrows and wax and thread them to make them look all fresh and new again for your holidays xxx



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