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Jody Knight's NEW ONLINE COURSE is launched...

New infection control course

Infection Control You've GOT THIS!!!!

I'm so excited to announce my infection control online courses are available xxx

Here's A Little Blog to re assure you about your salon re-opening......

Re - opening my PMU salon after lockdown

Most permanent makeup technicians and beauty therapists want to work in as safe as possible environment for ourselves, for our clients and for our employees. However, due to the nature of business, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to make an area 100% secure.

In light of the recent pandemic it is going to be extremely difficult if not impossible to make your salon COVID- 19 100% secure. Therefore, we need to think of different ways to ensure that your business can run as safely as possible. And using the facilities already in place in your salon you can reduce the risk to a minimum.

The government website, the NHS website and your insurance companies will have the information as and when it is produced.

You should already have a risk assessment in place in your salon.

It is a good idea to update your risk assessment and involve procedures that the HSE have suggested, which involve COVID-19, you can find this information on

Keep up to date with your COSHH and your GDPR, especially your GDPR if doing temperature checks, track and trace and medical checks relating to COVID-19.

So what Is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is are a huge group of viruses which affect the respiratory system and are named after protruding spikes, the spikes allow for the coronavirus to latch on to their host in order to infect, it is thought that the coronaviruses were originally found in animals and have since crossed over and now infected humans, too. They are transmitted through the air coming in close contact with an infected animal or person, touching a surface where infected animal or human has contaminated or by eating produce which is contaminated.

Coronaviruses have varying severity from the less severe, including the common cold to the most severe such as SARS, and the new COVID-19. Most people will get infected with some type of coronavirus within their lifespan, and it will be harmless. The viruses tend to be more severe in individuals with unhealthy underlying health conditions such as diabetes, and cancer.

COVID-19. Where did it come from

On 31st of December China informed the World Health Organisation of some cases over pneumonia like disease in Wuhan.

On the 12th of January, China shared the genetic material of this coronavirus named COVID-19.

Currently the source hasn't been identified as a definitive and investigations are ongoing and system, the rate at which this new corrupt coronavirus COVID-19 spread is alarming and professionals are working on ways to slow down the infection rate and produce the cure or vaccination.

This pandemic is constantly changing. The research into COVID-19 is all new and it's in its early stages.

The incubation period time from exposure to when you show symptoms for COVID-19 is stated between 2 and 14 days.

What are the symptoms?

The most common symptoms which have been identified with the virus include persistent cough, fever, shortness of breath or difficulty breathe in a change, including taste, and smell.

Some sufferers have also experienced headaches congestions sore throats phlegm muscle pain, fatigue and chest tightness.

Individuals who are symptomatic must self isolate for a minimum of seven days and get tested, and those within the same household must isolate for 14 days. Please know if you catch this virus within isolation, then you must isolate for another seven days from the onset of symptoms. Therefore the isolation period may last as long as 14 days. The website is regularly updating its message.

How does coronavirus spread? And how could it potentially spread in our salons?

We are all aware of social distancing measures and keeping close contact to a minimum, and staying two metres apart. The air droplets from coughing and sneezing can land on other humans and surfaces, however, this risk is reduced at two metres. The scientists have stated that there is still a risk but the risks are greatly reduced keeping a two metre distance. Infected clients touch everything from tester stands, toilet handles to coat racks etc.

Social distancing is not going to be possible in our salons during treatments. Hence why we are anxiously awaiting guidance from website on protocols.

However, there are some hints and tips around from other countries that have started back to work earlier than use. For example Guernsey, Italy, Spain and the US.

We must follow our own government guidelines, however, I want to try to help you relax a little….

As a PMU technician our infection control protocols are amazing already!!! So we may not have to do too much to change. Further on is a quick reference guide to some of the PPE likely to be put in place or advisable to use moving forward.

So what does that mean when we go back to work. It means that our environments are going to look slightly different, and we need to think about our PPE and our cleaning processes. As PMU technicians we have always wore PPE including face masks ,aprons and gloves.

This is nothing new, we may find that we may be required to wear more medical grade face masks. This has not been confirmed yet, please keep an eye on government website for further information.

Face Masks

Face masks are worn to try to reduce the spread of particles through the air such as viruses. Ideally moving forward N95 face masks seem to be the go too choice and should be FIT checked (checked for any leakages).

There's many countries and cultures around the world that have been wearing face masks for years to protect them from other infections that other people may be carrying.

There are many different varieties of face masks and some filter 95% of the particles within the air and are usually used by medical professionals. Surgical grade face masks protect the user against any large particles in the air. They are looser fit and have some degree of leakage, and must be changed regularly.

Cloth face masks. These offer the user some protection against airborne particles and can be washed following the guidance, making sure it's up 60 degrees Celsius with detergent and then re used.

We all know to cover your mouth and nose. Do not touch your face mask, once it's been applied. Make sure you change your face mask regular, especially if it is more established uncomfortable or you're finding restrictions when breathing.

Face shields

Face shield seems to have become very popular face shield alone may not provide a lot of protection due to the gaps around the edges. However, if you wear it with a face mask it could provide additional protection.

Disposable gloves

As PMU technicians we've always worn disposable gloves. We know that they are just a barrier and hand washing is the best cause the best preventative cause of cross contamination. There are

so many different versions of gloves on the markets, from nitrile vinyl aloe vera sterile gloves PVC, please avoid latex due to allergies. That's powder free ones. Make sure your gloves to fit you. And they are not too thin, and they have a really lovely thickness about them so they are puncture resistant

Disposable Aprons

Again as permanent makeup artists we are used to using disposable aprons. When performing other treatments in your salon. You may now find that you need to be wearing gauze gowns as well as plastic aprons.

Uniforms must be washed safely to a hot temperature of 60 degrees,


The use of goggles may be considered another personal protective equipment. There's no guidelines to state that you have to wear goggles at this moment in time. However, as a PMU technician at pigment splash and has always been at the forefront of our mind, so you may already wear your goggles.

General cleaning procedures

We all know about sterilisation, disinfection and cleaning. Cleaning is the first stage. Then we disinfect, and then if our products are not disposable and single use, you may also need to sterilise/autoclave.

We are used to cleaning. After every single client, but what may be new in our salons is extra areas that we may need to clean.

We may need to clean after every single client door handles, door frames, wall area and stairs, the stair handrail, light switches, sink taps and dispensers for soap denials your tools, equipment, (obviously) pens, card machine, phone, music station, computer, display units, lamps, workstations such as tables, chairs, massage couch face hole, trolley, kettle, keys toilet facilities, toilet brush storage and disposal units.

How do I apply this to my business.

It's going to be very common in the beauty industry now for them to take more of a PMU approach and deep clean, we are used to deep cleaning a treatment area after every single client to prevent the chain of infection, and to keep our area safe as possible. However, this may then be extended further around your salon, as above. It is therefore advisable to add extra time to each client to allow for extra cleaning.

Also try to avoid the amount of contact with materials such as paper and appointment cards.

Try and get your clients to pay by cards.

Do you need to adapt your current consultation forms to add specific questions about COVID-19?

Do you need to pre screen your clients to ask if they've had any illnesses ? I would say YES. All my clients will be asked 24 hrs before their appointment to re-confirm health.

Show that you've updated your risk assessment including your COSHH assessment.

Write a new COVID-19 policy.

This could include changes to the environment, including changes to your cleaning routine changes to any staffing structures, changes to the treatments offered, including before during and after personal protective equipment changes to the expectations of clients.

Make sure your cancellation policy has been updated.

Do you need signs. If you're salon is busy you may need to have signs on the floor, stating, please keep your social distance, please keep two metres apart etc.

Hand washing poster signs maybe required.

Client what to do and not dos poster (or pre sent out email). Things you may want to include; Upon arrival to the salon wash your hands, refrain from touching your face. Keep belongings on your personnel, no waiting area. Please bring your own refreshments. etc

Try Make sure your staff alternate breaks, and they understand that they need to be constantly washing their hands and give them more time to perform treatments.

Make sure staff have got training record cards, stating that they've had some updated information on COVID-19.

We are used to removing clinical waste as PMU artists. General waste that is not technically what we are used to calling contaminated would normally go in our general waste, for example, piece of paper, a baby wipe and disposable items will be put into your bin. For now common practise is the bin must be tied and sealed and disposed off. Do not touch any products in your waste bin. Always seal the bag straight after use.

These are just a few common sense tips from me as a PMU salon owner thinking of getting ready to go back into salon.

You can see its really nothing new and I wanted to try to relax as many people as possible as we are all super stressed with not knowing what the ‘new policies’ maybe.


We deal with infection control every day in our salons.

Government policy will come out soon, I’m sure of it.

For now we can prepare the small things, the common sense things.

If you feel your infection control knowledge is out of date as you did it originally a couple of years ago or so I have launched my own online infection control course that goes into detail on Health & safety and infection control.

Bonus risk assessment example included.

I hope you've enjoyed reading this and you feel ready to go!!!!

Lots of Love x Jody x

If you would like to be added please RSVP to me via email: or tel: 07540 723 071

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I'm so excited for this next chapter of my business and can't thank you enough for all your support so far.

With Love,

Jody xxx

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