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Here at Jody Knight Perfection in Beauty we are pleased to launch the latest treatment in our indust

Jody Knight Signature Henna Brows

We love keeping up to date with the latest treatments and trends so we can offer our clients the best and innovative services and products.

As our regular clients know Jody's passion and dedication to eyebrows keeps her seeking for alternative brow treatments, hints and tips and making your brow life as easy as possible.

After months of research we are delighted to offer the JK signature Henna brows. This treatment uses all of Jody's eyebrow knowledge to create a unique brow experience. The treatment incorporates Henna tinting, expert eyebrow shaping, waxing, threading and finishing the eyebrows.

Patch tests are required 48 hours before.

What are henna brows? Henna brows is the latest technique. It's a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness. Henna brows last longer than a traditional tint.

Henna can be used to create beautifully natural eyebrows, give your brows more definition and even refresh old permanent makeup brows.

Henna is a natural dye made from a plant known as hina or the henna tree. Henna has been around since ancient Egyptian times when it was used for many purposes such as dyeing hair, clothes, fabrics and as make up.

Henna Brows are perfect for...

1) Those who don't yet feel ready for Permanent Makeup Brows but want to experience the JK Bespoke Service

2) Those wanting to extend your Permanent Makeup Brows if you can't find time for a colour boost

Find Us...

Find: 54 Bridge Street



DN21 2AQ

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With Love,

Jody xxx

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