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Take time to make your soul happy...

I love seeing all of my clients in the clinics I run as well as the students I teach. Too often their main frustrations are not having enough time to do the things they love. People's lifestyles today are so busy with working, raising a family, weddings and parties to attend to as well as summer holidays and entertaining the kids....just to mention a few!!!

Do you feel you're pushed for time and your beauty routine is taking too long in a morning?

Do you find your makeup has smudged off with the heat?

Do you want to have a healthy natural beauty look?

If so one of my bespoke permanent treatments could be for you.

At this time of year, lots of clients are looking for an easier beauty regime to free up their precious time. Everybody loves a good well framed eyebrow. Once tattooed you can leave the house with relatively no makeup on and still feel ok if you bump into someone on the school run or at the shops.

A soft natural eyeliner and soft haze of colour on your lips is becoming very popular for us busy ladies too. A soft haze of pink or nude tattooed on your lips really brightens up your face. When you book in for a free consultation I always ask that you bring your favourite everyday lippy with you.

Kind words from my gorgeous client Kayleigh:

"As a mum I never have time to do my over plucked and uneven brows. Jody has tattooed my brows twice now and I absolutely love them! They are fuller and very natural looking. Jody spends time with you working on the perfect brow shape and makes you feel totally at ease. They completely transform my face. I am also a bride to be so can't wait to show my brows off on my wedding day! Thank you Jody."

Makeup aside, don't forget to 'take time to make your soul happy' - go for a walk, read a book, spend time with the ones you love, you'll never regret it!

With love, Jody xxx

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