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The perfect accessory to your bespoke brows...jody knight bespoke eyeliner...

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul. An eyeliner treatment is the perfect way to enhance your eyes and compliment your brows.

Like my brows, my eyeliner treatments are a bespoke process too. Everyone is different when it comes to their eyes and what matters most is that we come up with the perfect solution for you. When designing eyes we will look at different stylistic options, sizes and colour combinations. The major benefit of permanent eyeliner is that it never smears or rubs off the skin even through watery eyes, perspiration, sleep or the weather.

Our most popular treatment with prices starting at £250 is a top lash enhancement, where we tattoo a hint of colour all the way through the lashes, just like you’ve had an eyelash tint. You can also have a colour applied throughout your bottom lashes to enhance your eye colour (£350 for top and bottom).

If you do like to wear eyeliner then I will draw different flicks to show you what look suits your eye shape and you can tell and show me your normal make up routines. My eyeliner treatments give guaranteed larger looking eyes. You can choose from a soft pencilled eyeliner look through to a Latino flick eyeliner or something a little more daring like a butterfly eyeliner.

The below images should help you to see the results, understand the process and options available a little more, but as always, any questions please do get in touch!

With Love, Jody xxx

Picking Your Eyeliner Colour

There are a wide range of shades available to choose from which we can test and draw on in your consultation.

Picking Your Eyeliner Shape

Again the shape and style is completely bespoke to you, we want to maximise and enhance your eyes.

The Treatment

The process itself is far less daunting than you might think. Clients describe the sensation as a slight buzzing sensation or itchiness but in no way painful!

2 Year Old Eyelash Enhancement - Before Colour Boost

Two years on and the look is still going strong!

Eyeliner - Immediately After Treatment

Swelling has occurred and it looks very intense. This will all soften down during the healing process.

I give my clients a special aftercare pack including a mineral makeup mascara and mineral makeup to balance the intensity

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