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My Mineral Makeup Morning Routine...warning I am vlogging...

I don't know about anyone else, but as a busy, working mum I often feel overwhelmed by it all. I want more time, all the time!

When it comes to friends, family or clients I always try to make time and a lot of it comes down to how can I be more efficient with the time I've got. Spending ages each morning on how I look is something that I left behind a good while ago when I realised what a difference semi-permanent makeup can make to the time spent on your beauty routine. So many of my busy bee clients comment on the amount of time and money they have gone on to save since having their bespoke brow, lips and eye treatments. After having the treatments done myself I soon realised how little extra makeup was needed on top which inspired the creation of my mineral makeup line. My mineral makeup is made in the UK with no nasties and my clients that use it all comment on how brilliant the coverage is and value for money compared to the high street alternatives.

The below videos show you my mineral makeup routine which many of my clients use too. You can buy my mineral makeup range online and I can post it to you or select to collect in person and I can leave it at your nearest salon or have it ready for your next treatment.

Oh and as a special treat I'm offering a free mini bronzer with every foundation purchase and 10% off your first order. Jody xxx

My Mineral Makeup - Part 1

Top Tip - No need to prime, moisturiser makes the perfect base!

My Mineral Makeup - Part 2

My Mineral Makeup - Part 3

My Mineral Makeup - Part 4

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