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PMU Training, Tips & Tricks

PMU Training, Tips & Tricks




Jody Knight's Subscription allows you exclusive access to Jody's expert techniques, detailed tutorials, and problem-solving tiips.


Once you have purchased the Tips subscription then you'll be asked for your Instagram details and added to our private Instagram education program.


You'll learn real-life fundamental skills and advanced skills needed to stay relevant and up to date, along with game-changing techniques that are revolutionizing the PMU industry.


For just £6.99 a month, you'll receive in depth tutorials: Follow along with Jody as she demonstrates her signature techniques step-by-step, so you can master them too.


Problem-solving support: Stuck on a tricky step or have a question? Reach out to Jody directly for personalized coaching and advice.


Mentoring and coaching: Get direct access to Jody for mentoring and coaching, so you can take your skills to the next level.

Subscriptions will auto renew unless canceled.


Exclusive offers: As a subscriber, you'll receive special discounts and promotions on Jody's products and services.

Price Options
PMU Tips & Tricks
Real Life Problem Solving and Tips
£6.99every month until canceled
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