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Why everyone should take an infection control class. 

The reason I designed an infection control online course is to help refresh your knowledge and keep you, your staff and customers safe. I love teaching infection control. I've taught infection control for over a decade, it's my absolute passion and I love it and I adore it, and I wanted to share my knowledge to as many people as I can.


Not everybody can get to training schools on a regular basis. And I personally believe you should update your infection control skills every couple of years or so. So this is why my online course has been designed for you to refresh your knowledge. You probably will have been taught some of this information on your original training course we just get into an everyday pattern and everyday routine in our salons and it's really good to refresh our knowledge, especially with the light of the recent pandemic that we've had.


We've also included some extra safety precautions that the government has requested for Coronavirus.


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Infection Control Course