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New PMU Artist - Bespoke Training

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Choosing to train with Jody Knight for permanent makeup offers a distinctive and personalised learning experience that sets itself apart in several key ways: **Bespoke Training**: Tailored to your learning style for the most effective education. **Blended Learning Approach**: Combines online and classroom-based methods for a flexible learning experience. **Extensive Experience**: Jody Knight's years of expertise provide invaluable insights and guidance. **Hands-On Guidance**: Practical skills and confidence through a hands-on approach. **Commitment to Quality**: High standards in training ensure top-notch education and preparation. **Supportive Learning Environment**: Learn and grow at your own pace in a supportive setting. **Zoom Sessions and Progression Plans**: Personalized instruction and structured growth through Zoom and tailored plans. **Workshops and Video Tutorials**: Reinforce learning with workshops and detailed video tutorials. **Hands-On Practice**: Ample opportunities for practical experience under expert supervision. Specialised Courses: Choose to learn either eyebrows, lips, or eyeliner tattooing. Special Offers are available for multiple courses. Please get in touch with the academy for further details. Training Academy Attendance: Required attendance for a minimum of 2/3 days at the training academy or via Zoom if set criteria are met. Please feel free to contact Jody for an informal chat about any questions. PayPal Finance is Available on Training Courses. Tel; Jody 07540723071

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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