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My lockdown Remedies


Are you feeling stressed, anxious or over tired?

You're not alone I've really had to work hard during this lockdown at relaxing and looking after my mental health.

Here's some products I've been using to help me relax during these uncertain times. You can purchase them from my online shop.

Himalayan Bath Salts and Rose Velvet Bath Bombs.

Heated Space Masks.

I've really struggled to relax and sleep during this lockdown, a friend told me about Space Masks, these are self heated eye masks that really do help relax you before bedtime. Some of you were lucky enough to to receive one in your Christmas bags, hope you enjoyed.

Stay Safe, and reach out to me if you need a chat 💖💖 I might not be able to fix your eyebrows but I can definitely help fix your crown 👑🤗💖👑

With Love

Jody xx

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