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What’s the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

What’s the difference between microblading and permanent makeup?

Well let me go into a little more detail….

Both are a form of tattooing

Both create fine natural hairstrokes

Both fade over time

Both look amazing if done correctly

Both can look really bad in inexperienced hands

Both can work well together!

There’s lots of hype around microblading being the best thing since sliced bread at the moment and the only way to get hairstrokes. So I decided to do this blog to expel some of these myths...

Microblading is not new its been around a lot longer than the digital version of tattooing eyebrows. I love my industry and I love doing both microblading and machine methods for tattooing eyebrows. My secret to so many happy clients over this past decade is; I decide on which tool I use depending on you the client; what type of skin you have, what type of look you’re after and then together we design your eyebrows. For example, Some clients want ultra wispy hairs at the front and then neat hairstrokes in the middle and then some soft shading throughout the body of the eyebrow, therefore I would use the blades at the front and the digital machine for the neater strokes and shading. Or alternatively I might have a client who has very sensitive skin or a medical condition, so I might choose to use a softer needle using the digital machine to see how it heals. My treatments are bespoke to you.

When choosing a permanent makeup artist it is really important you choose them on their reputation, has your friend had them done? Have you seen the technician's work? Are they registered with the council and working in a clean salon environment? And most importantly do you feel comfortable discussing what you want to achieve? There are many amazing artists in this industry. Enjoy your permanent makeup it really can be life changing. If you haven't seen it already watch my real client testimonial video below and if you have any queries at all please do contact me - I love hearing from you all!

Jody xx

Happy clients, happy me. I love my job and am truly grateful for all my amazing clients...

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