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MicroTonic Cocktail Foamer (50ml)

MicroTonic Cocktail Foamer (50ml)


MicroTonic Cocktail Mixing Foamer Bottle:


Maybe refilled with our original MicroTonic formula (16oz bottle) and simply re add desired amount of topical anesthetic to former.


MicroTonic replaces every product as it's a versatile solution. 


MicroTonic is a must-have product for every tattoo artist, aesthetician and anyone looking for a high quality & effective all-purpose skin tonic.


MicroTonic Cocktails: You may also create MicroTonic Cocktails with liquid or gel topical aesthetics of choice by adding a few drops or more to your foaming pump bottle for an anesthetizing and soothing effect. At the end of the procedure always make sure you remove all topicals, inks/pigments and dermal residue from the skin with pure or diluted MicroTonic.


Tips & Tricks: For additional comfort, use MicroTonic chilled by placing it in the fridge overnight. It can then be used as a compress for 1-5 min at any time during the procedure. It may also be used at the end of the procedure to alleviate discomfort, decrease inflammation, and reduce lymph and bleeding. Keeping the cells hydrated, nourished and supported will give the tattooed/affected area better-healed outcomes.



Directions for Cosmetic or Body Art Tattoo Use

Pre-Procedure: MicroTonicTM can be applied to the skin to cleanse or prep the area

and maintain cellular hydration during the pre-tattoo procedure.


During Procedure: MicroTonic provides an immediate feeling of freshness while soothing, cleansing and softening the skin. MicroTonic can be used anywhere on the body or face to remove any dermal residue, lymph, blood and ink/pigment by applying it to the procedural area. It is best to saturate a 4x4 or 6x6 inch cotton
gauze to wipe and clean through the procedure area. You may dilute MicroTonic 20-30% with distilled sterile water (for the eye area especially) but it’s not necessary. You may also use a compress for 1- 5 minutes anytime during the procedure or at the end to alleviate discomfort while keeping the cells hydrated and nourished for better healing.


 Immediately POST tattoo procedure:

• Apply 1-3 times in the first 5-6 hours with cotton gauze or a Q-tip (pat or wipe gently) immediately following the tattoo procedure to remove dermal residue, lymph. This will ensure dermal cells are well hydrated, skin PH can be more balanced, nourished, and free from tattoo inks/pigments for optimal healing.

• The following day MicroTonic can be applied morning and night for the first 72 hours for up to 7 days post-procedure to remove dermal residue, lymph, and keep skin fresh and clean.

POST Procedure: Gently apply a small amount of one of the membrane's unique post-care healing salves or gel formulas (no sooner than 6 hours, but within 24 hours as advised by a professional). Depending on the area being treated, use a cotton swab, or use clean hands for larger areas. DO NOT RUB AGGRESSIVELY.

Repeat 1-2 times daily, or as needed, to keep skin hydrated, protected and nourished with a breathable barrier for healthy and optimal healing.

Apply one of our uniquely formulated salves or ointments when the skin becomes itchy, dry, sore, or irritated. Each formula, unless advised otherwise, is formulated for different areas of the body.

Directions & Tips for Skin, Hair and more

• MicroTonic can also be used daily as a refreshing nutrient-filled skin elixir tonic or to soothe your skin after prolonged sun exposure. Simply place your MicroTonic in a spray bottle and use it to mist all over your face and décolletage area in the day and/ or night.

• MicroTonic removes bacteria, salt and residue that can cause breakouts post workout so make sure to throw it in your gym bag for post work out refreshing and hydrating.

• Can also be used as a hair elixir, apply when hair is wet and blow dry right into hair and scalp.

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